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Let me help YOU with your business or project with my more than 25 years' expertise in writing, editing, media services, proofreading and photography. To that end, I offer more than 15 years of experience in social media, stretching from blogging honed at LifeJournal and MySpace to an assortment of articles and witty banter on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

My SPECIALTY is business and marketing, gained with insights unequaled elsewhere. From HTML, SEO, hyperlinking and more, I can guide you with websites, brochures, ads or whatever it takes to get your message to those who need to receive it.

Here are some excerpts of the many references for my work...

From business owner Sue Kulongowski of Beary Unique Contemporary Crafts:

"...In the 15 years of being in business, no one has written a better article about what I do better than Wendy did. Not only was I proud to have such a talented writer publish an outstanding article about me, it has become one of the most lucrative advertising tools I have ever used. Because of Wendy’s skill and talent, my passion and love for what I do came across in her writing. She is an outstanding writer…”

From Detroit Daily Press coworker, Wayne County reporter Elizabeth Hoyt:

Not only was Wendy a great colleague, she was additionally an impeccable example of outstanding journalistic drive, dedication and integrity…She is a team player while maintaining her individuality, a balance that many have difficulty achieving. With technical writing skills as second nature, Wendy had the unique ability to shift from hard news to feature stories in an instant. She quickly adapted, giving 110% daily. For Wendy, success does not occur by luck or chance but, rather, as an outcome of her hard work and perseverance…”

From Donna Edwards, Director of Communications & Education Initiatives at Artserve Michigan:

Wendy is an exceptional writer, accurate editor, and dedicated. Wendy volunteered to work at ArtServe during a period where we had more work than my one-person office could manage...working side-by-side with me, just like a paid staff member, and never complained about the level or amount of work that was expected. She was always on deadline and her writing was flawless…”

Excerpts of reference from Editor Andrea Farmer:

“…as a feature writer and beat reporter, Ms. Clem consistently displayed solid news judgment, original and engaging storytelling style and the ability to turn over clean copy under tight deadlines. Due to her strengths in these areas and her interest in pitching and pursuing her own unique story ideas, she quickly became my ‘go-to’ writer and close friend and continued to serve as lead feature reporter until the section was discontinued due to budget issues…her integrity, honesty, creativity and hard work ethic made her an invaluable addition…”

Get in touch and let's help YOU connect in a meaningful way!


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Among the more than 200 million Linkedin profiles, Wendy had one of the top five percent most-viewed. In addition, she's consistently included in various editions of Who's Who, and won awards for her writing, including a state award for historical work.

What makes a successful writer?

Being an effective journalist is derived from being a voracious writer -- and reader.

It comes from being in the right place at the right time, yet much of it can also be ascribed to The Need to Know.  How do things work?  What drives people?  Why did this happen?  

Minute timing to catch the right glance, word, message is key, born of an innate gene to hone in on that input.  For me, the need to know permeates my core; a need for answers drives me relentlessly.

And, yes, a large part of it may just be due to a lifetime of curiosity.  However, fine-tuning is important.  People not only read what I have to say, but I want them to also be compelled to do so.

I like to learn and I welcome challenge.  Often that occurs through my photos, but more frequently through my words.

I live among you with a microscope on the absurd, the mundane and anything else that falls on me.  I walk through life as others do, but am more energized by running and jumping.  I talk -- with relish -- but hear more that the average person does when I listen.  I hear the grass grow.  I hear hearts break.  I hear the whispers of the past, the promise of the future, the relevance of the present.  I find life continually interesting, and it's always necessary to Tell the Stories.  That's noisy most of the time; life is messy.

I've worked in all of it -- from newspapers, magazines, books and online to creating copy for brochures, websites, catalogs, public relations gigs and greeting cards.  Each was uniquely challenging and I've loved it all.  I don't think the soul of a writer entails merely penning movie reviews about vampires and comic-book characters or blogging about what's wrong in my little microcosm.  I choose to not box myself in creatively.

I like to learn every day and I welcome each sunrise that brings interesting things to me that I can then reflect back.  Often that occurs through my photos, but more frequently, through my words. 

Share my accomplishments and the moments that stand still in my photographs. When it's all said and done, know that I did my best to tell the stories. And, let them stand the test of time.


Wendy Clem is a Michigan-based writer/photographer whose greatest joy is laughter.  She especially enjoys culling today's news and finding unknown tidbits to share with others.  She profusely apologizes, but she really can't help herself.

After all, she's an Aquarian, with Libra rising, the sun in her head and moon in her pants.

(Even though the new
zodiac rules say she's a Capricorn.  Well, her moon has always been in 
Capricorn.  And, there's
candy corn on her feet.)

As you can also see, she is now speaking in the third person.  She needs 
a smack. 

Er--chocolate.  She needs chocolate. 

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